Flower Power It’s never too early to wrap girls in inspirational and motivational quotes. Tell them often they are worth loving and not to settle for less. Flower Power is a ‘kid-friendly’ version of ‘Bed of Roses’. These quotes are perfect for thoughtful discussion in a world that can be rough on young hearts and souls.

Design based on Original Art by Ronit Galazan

Flower Power


RoGaWear Kids and Baby leggings are made from 88% polyester 12% spandex performance-wear fabric. The prints will never fade and are constructed to last even after multiple wearings and washings.


The vivid print will never fade after washing. Our ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings.

Care: Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry. May be dry cleaned. If necessary, iron on synthetic setting. May shrink slightly after the first wash.