The Lovely ‘Bed of Roses‘ has handwritten quotes running acorss the print. May they get you thinking about what’s really important and hopefully redirect your thoughts to your true hearts’ desire. (Some profanity is used. See the quotes section below) (Some profanity is used. See the quotes section below.)

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Design based on Original Art by Ronit Galazan

Bed of Roses


The micro knit fabric is made from 85% ecopoly and 15% spandex and measure approximately 10" x 11.5". The UV resistant fabric helps protect your skin from exposure to UV rays. The print is fade proof and dries quickly.


(one size fits most) Headbands measure 10" x 11.5" (approx.)


The vivid print will never fade after washing. Our ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings.

Care: These headbands are so easy to care for! Machine wash and tumble dry. The colors will not run and your print will never fade!