Ronit Galazan in LA

Ronit (Ro-neat) is a Hebrew name meaning song. Painting is the way I choose to express the melodies going on within me! My enthusiasm for life and what matters to me is expressed through vibrant color and subject matter.

I’ve been finding and refining my voice as an artist for over 20 years. I find what I am most passionate about is painting images of women who are inspiring or need inspiration. Sometime this is the same woman. Many times part of this woman’s soul is in me. I love baring witness to strong women. Watching them navigate life with all its bumps in the road; I find it beautiful. When as women we stumble and are forced to learn lessons the essence of the beauty in the chaos is what we take away for the next time.

Ronit Galazan painting in StudioThis is what I try to capture in my paintings. The feeling after the lesson and before the next learning opportunity. This is when the enlightened is seen. It’s in her eyes. It’s how she’s willing to show vulnerability. The building of her character. Watching her calloused jugular soften and then sharing her message. Sharing her strength so that other women can feel the power of her love; her sisterhood; her message. She wants to share it with you. I want to share it with you.

Besides the portrait work I do of these incredible women, I create graffiti/word art with inspirational quotes that also encompass the messages of strong women. Messages to share with people you want to see succeed. Messages to believe in for yourself. You can find all of my paintings to view or purchase at RonitGallery.

This is how RoGaWear was born. I wanted to find a way to bring the power of my messages and wrap it around women to wear every day. I’ve created fabulous prints with inspirational quotes to live by on leggings and capris as well as other garments that feel great on the body.

A few words about me…

Ronit Galazan Black and WhiteI am a self-taught artist. I went through all my years of schooling with an undiagnosed learning disability called dyslexia. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 24, three years after graduating college. I couldn’t figure out why I could learn the material but could not pass tests and definitely could not do math. For example, the number '5' and '7' are always backwards and upside down and I can’t tell the difference between lower case ‘d’ and ‘b’ and don’t get me started on left versus right. (My kids have a field day with that one!)

After years of being told I was lazy, I had to find ways to get by. Because of my failure in school I had to find ways to pass, which is how I started my creative survival. I begged teachers to give me tests orally or even in essay form so that I could put my thoughts on paper. Multiple choice tests were awful for me. I found through creative survival and perseverance I could get by in school. I didn’t have time for any creative outlet like art or music because I was always studying to keep afloat. This feeling truly left me missing something. I was always creative, but didn’t know how to express it if it wasn’t for survival mode.

Well, that changed around 25 years ago when I picked up a paint brush and just let go! The freedom I found in expressing myself was like nothing I’d ever felt. Colors, drips, splashes, drawing figures and yes even writing in my artwork has set my heart free. I found another way to communicate. And now I create many works using numbers, letters and words. It’s my way of saying screw you to the years of bad grades and suffering with not knowing what was ‘wrong’ with me.

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